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Kathleen Nimmo Lynch is a Boston Celtics staff member in the Basketball operations
department. She is coached by Ime Udoka, who is said to be the head of the squad. Lynch was born in 1989 in Massachusetts, USA. She is 34 years old, as of 2023. Her parents elevate her, and she has grown up in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

She graduated from Wellesley High School in 2006 and continued her higher education at the American International University in London. Lynch later migrated to Boston, where she eventually got appointed as the Celtics’ Team Service Manager. According to some resources, she has worked for the Celtics since 2013.

Bio Of Kathleen Nimmo Lynch:


Kathleen Nimmo Lynch



Age (as of 2023)


Birth Place

Bedford, New Hampshire, USA


Mr. Nimmo


Brandi Nimmo


Brother (Cole Nimmo), Sister (Ali Nimo)


Boston, Massachusetts, USA




Boston Celtics staffer, media face, Ime Udoka’s partner








Taylor James Lynch


Three (2 Daughters, 1 son)


Approx. $1 Million USD

How does Kathleen Nimmo Lynch Linkedin Profile define her?

According to linkedin profile, Kathleen is a brilliant and passionate person who brings a
lot of imagination work. She interacts with the others and guide them in doing their best
work. She also has guidance from a few basketball experts on her Linkedin profile.

But unfortunately, her profile ha been deleted and there are no resources of information
about her. Her LinkedIn profile described Lynch as warm and friendly, with recommendations from several famous basketball players on her page. She apparently has a passion for
supporting children.

In which University Kathleen Lynch Study?

Lynch studied at Brigham Young University, where she graduated with a bachelor of
Science in 2006. She continued her education at Richmond, an American International
College in London.

Kathleene Lynch career:

Lynch work as a market organizer at Massachusetts General Hospital before joining the
Celtics. She works for the Celtics as the Group Administration Chief. Her career with
Celtics began eight years ago and she has played an essential part in the organization. She organizes travel, hotels and tickets for family members of Celtics.

Relationship between Kathleen and lme Udoka:

Kathleen Nimmo Lynch and Lme Udoka
Kathleen Nimmo Lynch and Lme Udoka

On September 2022, the Boston Celtics head coach was caught having an intimate relationship with an another staffer of the Franchise. The woman was identified as Kathleen Nimmo Lynch. Lme Udoka disclose that the relationship was completely accepted and romantic as well.

Udoka was simultaneously in a relationship with an actress Nia Long. They had
been together for over a decade. The relationship between Long and Udoka got severed
and the Celtics suspended him for an entire season.

Is Kathleen Nimmo Lynch married?

Lynch is supposed to be married to Taylor James Lynch. They got married in September 6, 2014 and they have three children. Kathleen Lynch husband will not be divorcing her despite affair with lme Udoka.

Taylor James Lynch With Taylor James Lynch
Taylor James Lynch With Taylor James Lynch

Lynch was seen wearing her wedding and engagement rings four months after the affair was made public. This shows that her marriage has survived the storm.

Kathleen lynch Children:

Kathelene with husband & kids
Kathelene with husband & kids

Three children are raised by kathleene lynch. Two of daughters are probably around five
years old and there was another little one who appeared to be a boy.

Kathleen lynch Social Media Handles:

Kathleen lynch Social Media


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Kathleen Nimmo Lynchs net Worth:

Lynchs net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, according to media reports.



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