How Many Experts Are Required to Take on a Large Construction Project?

A large construction project requires input and oversight from a wide range of experts and specialists. From architects and engineers to project managers, safety inspectors and underground utility surveyors, a host of skilled professionals must collaborate to ensure the build goes smoothly from start to finish. So, how many experts are typically required?

The exact number will depend on factors like the project scale, complexity, permitting requirements and construction method. But we can break it down by area of expertise to get an idea of the specialists involved.

Design Team

This core group lays the plans and foundations for the rest of the project. You’ll need architects to handle the overall aesthetic design and layout. Structural engineers ensure buildings and infrastructures have sound load-bearing elements. MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) engineers design these intricate internal systems. Depending on the scope, you may need civil engineers for site work, landscapers for gardens and grounds, sustainability consultants and more. Expect a team of at least 5-10 designers.

Project Management

Overseeing the slew of contractors, schedules, and costs requires dedicated project managers. A large-scale build can have a project management team of up to 25 people. Roles include a senior project manager directing all activities as well as assistants to coordinate specific areas like procurement, human resources or health and safety.


Local authorities will require professional third-party inspectors to ensure the build meets legislation for safety, access and sustainability. This will include building inspectors, fire safety officers and accessibility consultants. There are also often requirements for geological, air quality and environmental impact surveys, which require additional specialised inspectors. Expect around 5-15 dedicated inspectors.


Hundreds of tradespeople will ultimately work on-site for the interior, exterior and groundworks. Major contractor groups include engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters and landscapers. Support staff like quantity surveyors will also be required. The workforce will ramp up and down through different project phases but may peak at 200+ contractors working simultaneously.

Legal Compliance

Solicitors assist with property matters, ownership structures and commercial leasing. Construction law experts help navigate contracts and resolve disputes. Accountants and tax advisors ensure financial matters and records are handled appropriately. HR assists with employment and health and safety protocols. Having 5+ specialised compliance staff is advised.

Underground Utility Surveyors

These important investigators scout underground water pipes, gas lines, electrical cables and telecoms infrastructure. Using tools like ground penetrating radar or GPR surveys, they map buried assets to guide safe, coordinated excavations. Multiple survey crews like may work ahead of demolition and construction zones as the project advances.

Specialty Consultants

Many other niche advisors may provide input, whether it’s a kitchen design company specifying appliances, an arborist protecting existing trees, or a security firm planning access control systems. The range of specialties can run into the dozens for major developments.

In total, a large-scale construction effort can directly employ anywhere from 500 to over 1,000 experts spanning design, management, compliance, surveys and trades. With careful coordination under an experienced leadership team, these professionals can deliver intricate buildings and infrastructure to meet the scope, budget and vision. The expertise required is extensive, but combining so many skilled perspectives also allows for truly impressive and transformative builds.

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